July 11, 2011

New Beginnings

I have been so bad about blogging.  We haven't really been up to much, just the same stuff.  Nat has landed a permanent position with Amtrak.  No more on call 24/7.  YAY!  He is in charge of the buses (yes, Amtrak has buses) that go through Sac, Reno, and a few other places.  He is working 4/10's and unfortunately, he can't attend church due to the hours.  It is so nice to actually have a schedule now, and not having to wait until 2 in the afternoon to see if he is working or not.  No more having to pay for parking (he commutes in on the train Mon-Wed. and Sundays he can park for free on the street) or traveling to a station which eats the gas budget.

M has joined a Girl Scout troop and is loving it.  J is enjoying Cub Scouts.  C is having a blast in Boy Scouts.  Nat is the Cub Master for our troop, and I am the Bear Den Leader.  Scouting has become our life.  But we are enjoying it, and wouldn't trade it in for the world.

We are still homeschooling.  I have decided to go back with a charter school, after 2 years of being independent, I just need that re-enforcement and back up.  With Nat's new schedule, he will be able to help out in teaching the kids some of their lessons.  We have found a wonderful homeschool group in the area, and have made new friends.  We also just joined another (an outdoor one), and this week we will be meeting for them for the first time.  Make sure you go check out our homeschooling blog (Stamps Meadow Academy), click the picture on the left!

I will try my hardest to keep up.  Right now, I am busy gathering all of the school material, curriculum, and making lesson plans.  Our plan is to start the beginning of August, but will wait until I talk to our teacher who is going to be overseeing us.  Hopefully we hear from her/him soon.


Ashley said...

Miss you guys!! So happy for Nat!

Nic and Nat said...

Miss you to Ashley! You guys need to come to church over here while your sister is in town. It was good to see her yesterday.