September 05, 2011

Grand Opening

I have opened up my own little business!  It has been months in the making and now, today, is the GRAND OPENING!  I am offering 15% discount on purchases ordered today, to celebrate my grand opening as well as Labor Day.

Click the above link to check out my shoppe.  Also, on the left hand side is a link to my shop.  I have a total of 9 items in stock, but have no fear.  I will be making to order, so if you see something you like, but not the colors, no SWEAT!  Just get ahold of me with the colors that you want w/the design you like and I will make it for you.

Here is a glimpse of what I have to offer...

Are you tired of loosing your earrings or having them get tangled up in you necklaces? Do you want to take earrings on a trip, but are always looking around for a way to transport them without getting lost? Do you want all your earrings in one place?

If your answer is YES, to any of the questions...

Then this convenient EarRing Book is for you! It can be taken on the go. It's portable, compact and can hold hundreds, yes, HUNDREDS of your earrings!

Each book is approximately 5.25x4.25x3 inches (13x11x8 cm). There are 4 pages to a book. Each page can hold approximately 60-70 pairs of earrings, depending on size. This book can hold your studs, hoops, and dangly earrings. If you want, you can even store some of your pins and broaches in the book too.

*** Earrings and pin are not included... for display only***

How Once Upon an EarRing was born:

I inherited a book to hold my earrings in, that was my Grandmothers. I have had it for a good 15-16 years or so, and it still looks as good as new!

When my daughter got her ears pierced, I wanted something that she could hold her earrings in so they wouldn't get lost or misplaced. So... I made her a book similar to the one I inherited.

This is when 'Once Upon an EarRing' was born! I took the book I had and duplicated it, and here we are today.

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