July 11, 2010

Whiteboards & Chalkboards

I can never have tooo many whiteboards or chalkboards lying around... especially homeschooling. Sooo, Nat made me this cool chalkboard. I then (with a little help from Nat) painted it with chalkboard paint and re-painted a whiteboard with whiteboard paint. Yes, they really do make these, they are a little pricey, but it was worth it. Now, I have 1 whiteboard, and 4 chalkboards (3 are the kids personal ones--those were bought @ a local school store). You can make your own chalkboard paint, but buying it, there are so many choices of colors. It comes in spray as well as brush on (brush on is better, since you have more control of how even it goes on).
I like using them both... chalk reminds me of my old school days of chalk dust on my fingers as well as when hitting two erasers together. Now, I just need to get some chalk that are different colors, so I'm not using just plain old white... and that way the kids can have some color for drawing as well. Whiteboards, I associate with the awful fumes that those darned whiteboard pens would put out every time they were used. Boy am I glad that they now have low odor ones, especially when the kids want to use the pens to draw with on the white boards.
 I just love having a handy husband who just happens to love to build things and use his tools. 

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