February 10, 2010

KVOR 13 News

Tonight, Nat and Charlie were able to go to CBS News and meet and talk with Dave Bender about the weather and stuff.  Unfortunately, they didn't get to be put on camera with Dave, but we were very excited to see them in the background of some shots of the anchors. 

Why were they there?  I know that is what you are asking right now.  Well, this was a trip for Charlie's Weblo troop to go and talk weather with Dave Bender for one of there badges.  Nat met up with them there (as he works right across the freeway from the station).


VW Family said...

Wow, fun pictures! Would you mind sending me one of the whole group? We saw them on TV, too (we could see the back of Spencer's head), but it's too bad they didn't get any airtime. Sounds like it was a fun trip!

The Stamps Family said...

Sure thing Heidi. I will send all the group ones that Nat took to you

Tiffiny said...

What a fun experience!! I remember listen to the weather from Dave Bender when I lived up there!