February 10, 2010

Museum Fun

The weather for the day was supposed to be raining all day long, so we took umbrellas along with us and were preparing to get wet and cold.  When we left to go and see museums we thought that since there was a break in the weather, we would hit Sutters Fort first since it is mostly outdoors.  Lucky for us, there was no rain to be spoken of or seen in the Sac area on Saturday.  Mari enjoyed making her own little doll and the boys loved seeing the guns.  The next stop was Old Town Sacramento.  Once we got there and parked, we made a list of the museums that we were going to go to and walk to all of them (they were all within a mile from where we parked).  Subway, was our first stop (as it was lunch time) then we hit up the California State Military Museum.  The kids had fun climbing the fire truck and moving the cannon into different positions.  Then, to my fave museum... The Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum.  I want to go back in that time period and live, but with some modern day convienences.  I just had to get the list of punishments for the school house from the 1848 (go here to see it).  Unfortunately, that was the last museum that we were able to go to because of the fact that a couple of the kids gave us attitude for not getting there way, so we didn't go to the other three museums on our list (the Railroad Museum, the Automobile Museum and the Crocker Art Museum).
Waiting to get into the Fort

Posing with the Civil War Cannon

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