July 11, 2010

1st Scout Campout

Well, Charlie went on his first camp out as an 11 year old scout this weekend.  Nat was lucky enough to be able to take Friday off and go with the troop.  They went up to Malakoff Diggins (this is the place we went to in 2008 for our History ELP with our homeschooling group at the time).

They made the 2 hours up trek up to Nevada County at 9 am on Friday and didn't come back home until Saturday around 4 pm.  They went on a hike (but Charlie wasn't feeling well, so he stayed back @ camp w/Nat), and the boys cooked all the food for dinner (tacos, and watermelon).  On Saturday they made breakfast (pancakes, sausage, and eggs), packed up camp, and went down to North Bloomfield (the town by Malakoff Diggins... the place where we did the ELP), and got their feet wet in Yolo River. As per Charlie, the best part of the trip... they all stopped and got some ice cream before heading home.

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