July 11, 2010

Happy late 4th of July!

I hope that you all had a good Independence Day.  I know we had a good and relaxing one. 

We spent the afternoon with my (Nic's) parents, had a BBQ, and played with their new toy... a remote control car (they need to get a couple more).  Afterwards, we came home and popped 3 batches of popcorn, grabbed some bananas and apples, filled a gallon pitcher of water, loaded up in the car and headed to Citrus Heights for their fireworks show. 

We would normally stay here in Rsvl, but, do to budget cuts, the city isn't doing their fireworks show from the County Fair Grounds anymore, so we did some research around the local areas and found that Citrus Heights were doing some. 

We got there, and found a parking spot in the mall parking lot, pulled out our chairs, water, popcorn, and fruit and sat and waited for the show to begin.  Yes, that was our dinner.  We had fun 'people and dog watching' while waiting for the show to start.  We even got some free 3D glasses out of it.  At first, we thought that they were going to have a special show afterwards, but know, the glasses were for watching the fireworks with.  SOOOOO cool!
(these are without the 3D glasses)

(and these are with the 3D glasses)

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