July 17, 2010


Well, not much has been happening here @ the Stamps' house.  We are having fun trying to find ways to beat the heat... last night we bombarded our really good friends and used their pool last night... we didn't get out of the pool till 9 pm or so.  We sure miss having the Pfingston's in our ward, but love the fact that they are still close enough for us to go and visit. 

We are enjoying the fact that we are now in touch with some of my (Nic's) cousins and find any opportunity to spend time with them.  I love having them so close... they are stepping in and filling the void of my sister (who is in Japan for the next 3 years).  I don't know what I would do without them... they are the best fill-in sisters a girl could ask for.

Nat has been busy with work, and Nic, well she has been busy planning and starting school this last week. (will be posting about our first week of school later).

The kids... well, they are being kids.  They complain that they are bored (hence one of the reasons for starting school so early), and joy to be around.  We have been going on library visits, outings (swimming) with friends and just plain having a good time.  Charlie is now almost as tall as Nic is and still loves to build things with Lego's and is our go-to car guy. Mari is very much inquisitive and is such a girlie-girl and has a ball putting make-up, and an avid reader.  Jim is just as tall as Mari (they could be twins), and is very much the actor of the group, oh how we love to watch his imagination.

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