July 18, 2010

Our Sunday Affair

Car Troubles... OI!
Last night, Nat and I went for a walk around the block to get our daily exercise in, after we put the kids to bed (9 pm) and were on our way to sweating... it was humid out.  Well, we come around to the side street, to finish 1 lap.  Nat notices that the break lights of the car were, and the kids are in the driveway.  Wait a minutes, what are our children outside when we told them to stay in bed while we went on a short walk?  Well, our neighbor across the street came over, knocked, and told the kids that the lights on the car were on.  Luckily, the kids did listen to our advise, Charlie looked through the peep hole and recognized our neighbor.  So, after one lap around the block, we try frantically to get the break lights turned off... to no avail.  So, Nat pulled fuses from the engine compartment... Nothing.  Nat had called his brother to see if he knew what could cause it, but he had no idea what it could be.  We are grateful to our friend who was able to figure it out (just by Nat describing it what happened).  So, Nat and Charlie went out this afternoon to fix it.  Apparently, there is a mechanism on the break pad that can get stuck open, making the breaks stay lit.  An easy fix to what could have been a major headache.

Frying an Egg...
Mari has a book called "The Pocket Book for Daring Girls: Things to do", which has a recipe on frying an egg on the sidewalk.  Well, today, since it hot outside, thought that this would be a perfect Sunday afternoon activity.  Here is the photo process of frying an egg.  It took awhile to do it... maybe a 110*F or hotter of a day would have been better.

It didnt fry, but it did get cooked.  this process took about 4 hours, yeah, it could have used some more heat

Banana Smoothiesicles...
The kids decided that they wanted to have some ice cream, but we don't have any in the house.  So, the kids took some Vanilla yogurt, ripe bananas and some milk, blended them all together and poured the mixture into popsicle containers.  What a nice refreshing, healthy, low-fat treat for their dessert tonight (and of course, they were all eaten up before I could get pictures of the finished product).

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