July 24, 2010

Dark Times

As some may know, Nat lost his job Thursday morning.  Yes, it is sad, but everything happens for a reason.

I saw this quote and I fell in love with it, it is so true, and it definitely fits our situation right now...

"Like a photographer carefully developing his film in a darkroom, God allows us to go through dark times because He is trying to develop a beautiful image of Christ in us."  Tony Evans

Thank heavens for Heavenly Father's insight on our lives and has everything planned out to a tee.  Not only do we not have a mortgage payment, but we don't even have a car payment, our debt is very little, so we are going to make it until Nat, or I, or both, find a job.

The store that Nat was assigned too, closed... so, he was let go with a heavy heart.  But, they do have a job open for him... down in Bakersfield (can you see the scared look of horror on my face?)  I don't even want to come close to living in Bakersfield (neither does Nat), but if that is the only thing, then we will take it.

Nat has two job interviews for the next week.  It doesn't happen often when you get laid off from a job, after being unemployed for one day.

Please keep us in your prayers, we definitely need them right now.  We want to thank all the friends that have given us a heads-up on jobs (including out of state ones).

We will keep everyone updated as we know more of our future outcome.

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