December 04, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Me

On the 2nd of December way back in the day, a little girl was born to my parents. Her name to be... Nicole Odette Davis. She weighed in around 7-8 lbs. She had dark hair, brown eyes and had long fingers and toes.

I had a good, but very busy birthday. We started the day up in Meadow Vista for the kids homeschool classes, then at gymnastics. We got home where I was able to cook dinner and open up my presents from my loving family, then the best part... CAKE (which my dearly beloved husband made for me @ 5 am). I received a soap carving shaped in a heart from Mareal, and some stuffed animals from the kids stash from the boys. Later, I received the movie 'Goonies' (I laughed, I was just talking about this movie the day before), and a Mortal & Pestle from Nat. My husband is the most thoughtful person ever. He remembered a conversation that I had with my MIL the month before about me wanting to have one, and made a point to find one for me.

(this is a similar one of the one that I recieved!) It is made out of marble.

I enjoyed my day. I am now a 30-ish year old woman. Funny, I don't feel 3_. I feel like I'm a lot younger, then I'm remember that I am a MOM and my oldest is 9.5 years old.


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Happy 'belated' birthday Nicole!!!! Sounds like you had a very nice time with your family!