January 09, 2009

A DUH Monent!

Ok, I am soooo STILL on vacation, and not even using my brain yet. We have been back in school mode for a week now (well, slowly getting back into the grove), and I need a WAKE UP call BIG time!
Today we went to the library (our usual Friday field trip)...
Wait, I need to back up and start from the beginning...
Last week, Nat said that he wanted to return all of the library books that we had. I said, no, we have time, the books aren't due until the 5th of January. The kids and I will do it next week (can you see where this is going yet?). So, all week long, I had that Friday (today) was the 5th. No biggy, but kept wondering why I was getting calls all week long from the library saying that we have some overdue books, not even realizing or even making the connection of what the date was.
So, back to today, we go in and look around, get all the books needed for this week. All the while the kids are looking, I go up and ask a question about some books that they sent me a notice on. Luckily, those 2 books where on the shelves (yah, saves me $10.00, as well as the price of 2 'lost' books).
Then the librarian says, "Did you know that Mareal has over due books?"
I was in shock, here is where I am a total IDIOT! "Umm, we came in the Friday before you were closing for 2 weeks, and the librarian who checked us out said that the books would be due on 1-05-09."(I can hear you all laughing and agreeing with Nat) The librarian is just looking a little confused on how she can help me... (probably thinking... Wake up and USE that brain, if you even have one!)
Then, I have the AH-HA moment! Today is the... (here's the kicker; hee, I'm laughing as I type this), 9th! Can I get anymore STUPID?
So, I can't save myself any from any more humiliation, I ask her to check the other kids accounts. Since Mareal had over due book balance was $17.75, the boys must to, right? Well, they both did, Jim's balance was $4.50, Charlie's balance was $13.50. This brings our total bill to... $35.75. As an after thought, I said, "Check my card too, please." My balance was $1.50. Now, our total is $37.25.
Of course, the late fee is 25 cents a day, go ahead, do the math. How many books did we have overdue? Um, 25 books altogether.
(funny thing, this morning I said this on Facebook: Nicole is getting ready for our weekly trek to the library... wonder how much $$ I will be paying in fines after a month of not going) Why did I have to jinks myself?
I call up Nat as we left the library and told him what happened. I gave him permission to say, "I TOLD YOU SO" but, being the wonderful husband that he is, he said, "I won't say it."
Go ahead and laugh, I am.
I do have to say, the librarians were all very nice about the whole thing, and understanding. I guess that's what happens when they know the kids and I so well. Especially after going every week for the past 2.5 years.


Nick and Ashley said...

I am laughing with you, not at you...well...maybe at you too! We have all done that so no worries!

Rachel said...

Ah, I can't count the times that's happened to me (and I have no kids that use the library yet!) But I know it's embaressing every time it happens.

Shannon said...

Oh man! For about a month, maybe more we kept getting those recorded phone calls telling me we had an overdue book, and I was SURE that I had turned it in, so finally when the calls came, i just hung up and didn't even listen to them. Finally Keith was running to return some other stuff and was like, are you SURE we don't have the "lost" book somewhere in our house? So he checked the bookshelf. Well, what do ya know. There it was! Right there where all the other books are. Doh! I think we owe like 20 bucks now. I hate library fines!