January 10, 2009

May the WOOF be with You!

This is in honor of all you Star Wars fans out there.
From Nat


Jess said...

Too adorable.... my kids all thought it was hysterical and adorable and now want to dress up our dog as something.... dont know what yet.. but Im sure they will come up with something soon!! =)

Stamps Family said...

I wish I knew who owned this dog. Nat found the picture online and just had to share it

Shannon said...

Oh man! That is hilarious! Just thought I would stop by and say hey! And thanks for reading my bloggety blog!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Oh, how cute is that! I have a big dog (120 pounds) and he will not play "dress-up" unfortunately :-)

You have a fun blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. I love meeting new bloggy friends ;-)