December 30, 2009

Family Reunion

Last night, I hosted a mini-family reunion with some of my family. My Uncle James had 3 girls and we have been in and out of touch with them over the last decade. Well, As I said before, Facebook has been a blessing for me because I have been able to find a lot of my 'long lost' cousins. My cousins Karlin, Ellen and LuVerna came with their families. It was a real treat for me to see LuVerna (as I haven't seen her in 15 years). My parents were able to come over and visit with everyone. Although we had a blast, we weren't complete, as my sister was unable to make it, but we will be having another family reunion this summer to where she will be able to be here as well. We all had fun going down memory lane, laughing and catching up.
We had fun just sitting around the table and looking at old pictures of our grandfather and just looking through the family heritage book. Now, after seeing us all together, Nat now understands where I get my personality from... Yes, I am very much and proud to say that I am of Scottish decent, and that is just from my grandmother... we have yet to find out where grandfather has come from (I am doing geneology for him, but we have hit a brick wall).
My kids were in heaven because they have lots and lots of teenage cousins. My kids pulled out their Nurf guns and all 10 of their teenage cousins, and 1 toddler cousin enjoyed shooting at each other. Who knew there would be a toy that can unite all 14 kids into having fun together aging from 3-19 years old.
My dear sweet husband had made the offer of picking up Lulu (whome he had never met) to bring her to our home so I can see her once again. Who could ask for anything more? It brings tears to my eyes as I think of all the time that has passed since we last saw each other, and that Nat knew it would mean a lot to me for her to be here.
Here are a just a few pictures of the family get together...

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