January 11, 2010

Fish Hatchery Fun

On Saturday, as we ventured out of the house for some fun, we found ourselves at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery in Rancho Cordova. Unfortunately due to budget cuts, the visitors center wasn't open (it is run by volunteers). But none the less, we had fun looking at all the Steelheads and the Rainbow Trout that were swimming up-stream in the troughs. There were thousands of fish in the troughs, some where even jumping and putting a show on for us, but due to overcast, the camera didn't get a good view of them all. The kids had fun climbing all over the fish that was bigger than them. It was a neat adventure out.
Can you see the trout?
I just love this fountain


KnitNurd said...

I need to take the grandkids and Scooter there..thanks for sharing!

The Stamps Family said...

Your welcome. Your grandkids would love it.