March 20, 2010

American Speedway Free Day Fun!

This afternoon, Nat and I took the kids and Nat's Dad to the races today.  The kids had fun watching all the preliminary races.  The kids had a blast and want to go again.  I am all for going to see the races, as I saw them as a kid.  Nat has never been to a race, and that is going to change!  It was loud, and the vibrations from the engines running through my body got me to remembering those fun nights.  We are going to make this a regular outing as a family.  The kids enjoyed seeing all the different types of cars that were out racing (practicing) each other.  I have a feeling, next weekend, the Stamps family will be up in the bleachers for one of the season's first races.

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KnitNurd said...

I grew up at that racetrack when my dad raced super modifieds. Friday nights at Roseville and Saturday nights were at West Capitol Speedway. Dad was the president of Central State Racing Assn. for several years. Those were the days..and now, my son spends his weekends at All American during the season.