March 31, 2010

I Looked Out My Window...

... and what do I see... Popcorn popping on the apricot tree.
Well, not exactly but,  for almost a year now, I have been without my van.  I had a perfect view of the empty field across the street and the greenbelt.  A sight that is now blocked by this. 

On Saturday, Nat and I drove into Sac and purchased this...

Nat's 'new' car.  I am greatful and thankful that the kids and I have our freedom and independence back to do and go where ever our little hearts desire.  No more calling up friends to borrow their car  or to pick up a kid or two who need to be somewhere (which I am very greatful to have such wonderfull friends), no more asking if Nat can get a ride into work (when he is working in Rancho) so I can have the van  Fieldtrips, park days, library trips (those that are farther away), get togethers, etc... here we come. 

I have come to appriciate those who are a 1 car family.  I walked the walk and talked the talk.  But I am not looking forward to the extra gas to be bought, and the upping of car insurance rates.  Those who say that can never do without, just try it... you never know.  You will find out what your true priorities are.  I used to be one of  'those' people who said, "We can never be a 1 car family."  I tried it, and we DID it for 10 months.  Sacrafices had to be made, but the kids and I are glad to have some of those sacrafices back.  With Nat jumping from location to location, it was hard for me to justify having the van when he needed to get to work and not being able to carpool.

So, I thank a dear friend of Nat's (whom he works with).  He saw a need and he fulfilled that need by letting us buy one of his cars off of him.

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