March 18, 2010

What are we UP too?

That is such a good question... let me see...

We haven't gone or done anything out of the ordinary, so my life is pretty much boring right now (yes, even with 3 kids around).

I have been doing is gearing up for yet another year of homeschooling and preparing curriculums, shopping for curriculums and finding lots of wants, wants, and even more wants.  We are just finishing up this year and trying not to get Spring Fever to bad.

On a good note... I get to go on yet another vacation with out the family... this time, I am the one leaving.  It all started with a joke between my sister and I.

She had asked if I was ready to have a vaca away from the kids... and of course she just had to ask me on an off day (yes, even those of us with older kids have them too) and I said sure, that would be great.

Long story short, I am going to be leaving and going to help my sister (who by the time I get there, will have 5 kids, one of them being a newborn).  So, why am I going you may ask...

Well, this is a bitter sweet for me... My sister and her whole family are moving to JAPAN in just a few short months, and I am going to go and help her get organized for all the movers to come in and pack up all of her belongings, to help keep the fort tied down and to just plain spend some quality time with her, the kids , and her hubby before they leave.  Not only will I be helping with the packing, I am also going to help her and my brother-in-law caravan up to his parents place (which I am SUPER excited about).  I just wish I could see the srping of New Hampshire, but I will get there just after it happens, but I will still be able to see all the beautiful colors.  I will be with my sister for 14 days (the last time I went, it was for 11, and that was for 11 days as she had baby #3).  I just need to keep telling myself that I will be able to be away from my beloved children for 2 weeks.  At least my neices and nephews will help with my kiddo withdrawls.  Originally, it was talked about a long weekend (5 days), if Nat could get the time off work, but Nats parents said that they will come watch the kids so Nat doesn't have to take time off work (he is anyway, so I can go a few days earlier), but I can stay longer, which is what my sister needs. 

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