October 25, 2010

Fall Fun

We went on our annual trip to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm this morning.  It was so nice, not crowded at all, and just a little muddy.  The main events we hit up every year are... Hayrides, train rides, petting zoo, corn maze, and stories told by Mother Goose and her Pigs.  This year, we opted not to do the corn maze because of the muddiness factor... a big storm swept over the valley yesterday.

We started off going to see Mother Goose and the pig race, but there was no pig race.  They started something new... Mother Goose now tells the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' Bishop Farms style. 

Then the kids played in the barn and on the toys around the farm

the Train Ride came next 

then the Petting Zoo which happens to be right next to the line for the Hayride
(piglets are just shy of a month old.  They were born on 9/27/10)

lastly, into the pumpkin patch we go so the kids could find a pumpkin of their own  

(only catch, they have to be the ones to carry the pumpkin out)

Now, I couldn't walk away without getting my usual assortment of gourds for decorations around the house.  I went light on the assortment, there were many to choose from.

When we got there, I saw these...
Now, how UGLY are those?  No, I didn't get any, but it was very tempting.

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Rachel said...

Those last pumpkins are so ugly. What would ANYONE use them for?