November 14, 2010

Deepest Gratitude

Horrible... grey skies
Lovely... Family ties

I would like to thank all of my/our wonderful friends who took the time to call, email, or just ask about my Aunt Jean.  It really means a lot to me that so many care enough to see how I am/was holding up.  Everyone in the family appreciates all the prayers and thoughts that were given/said on our/her behalf. 

We are holding up well, and are comforted that she was found.  No foul play was determined and that has helped with the healing process.

I know that this ordeal has brought my family closer together and we have become stronger because of it.  We are very grateful to know that she is now where she belongs and that Heavenly Father has called her home.  Family means everything to me, and I am grateful to be apart of a family who holds each other up when another is weak, and how we rally around each other to give comfort, love, and encouragement.  No matter our differences, separation geographically, we are still a close knit family and I love being apart of the Davis' heritage.

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