December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas to Us

After some thought and talk, we decided it was time to get a new car van, after all, we had our Venture for the last 7 years.  So, just the other day, we went and ''looked" at the new cars, debating whether or not to get another minivan or downsize to a station wagon - READ - an HHR.  But after looking at both, I came to the realization, that I was not ready to give up having a 'MOM' car.  We looked, and looked, and looked some more at all the different vans... this one was to small in the back, that one has the benches, then ALAS... I saw THIS and fell in love.
The best part... (I am vertically challenged and usually have to sit basically right on top of the steering wheel in order to touch the pedals), anyway, the best part... the gas pedal can be adjusted and moved to the position that feels comfortable to the driver AND leather seats (I knew this was the van for me).

We are now the proud owners of a Chrysler Town & Country Stow & Go Minivan.  It has every doohickey that you can imagine.  A DVD player for the kids, and... a NAVIGATION system (for someone whom shall not be named) who gets lost regularly.  Here is the link to see all the pics of the van (link will be good until Jan 14, 2011).

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