July 17, 2011

Family Time Fun

We started out by going on a walk to full fill one of M's requirements for Girls Scouts (which we did do).  In the meantime, we ended up having Family Home Evening at the ball park.  Yes, we have a ball park near us, and we can watch games for FREE!  The Maidu Softball Complex had several games going on, so when one ended, we hopped on over to another, and then another, before leaving with heads down to needing to eat (we were only going to be gone a short time, and didn't pack a picnic dinner).  Unfortunately, we didn't get any pics of the games (we knew no one, and out of respect for the players & their parents, we didn't take any of them).  But here are the pics that we tried to take w/my phone of all of us...
Nat & the kiddos 
M wanted to take one 
Nat trying to get the whole fam in the pic, at least he got all the boys 
Me trying to do it, almost made it 
me trying again, better than the last

After this, we watched part of our 3rd game while at the park (the others had an inning to go)... then several of us started saying they were hungry.  We never did finish a game all the way through.  Maybe next time we will plan ahead.

I was reminiscing about the 8 years or so when I played as a young girl.  I miss those days.  I really enjoyed explaining the game to the kids.  Maybe I just might have to find an adult league to join.

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