October 20, 2008

6 Quirks

Twice in 2 days, I never get tagged! Thank you, I feel LOVED!
1. I am anal. Everything HAS to be done just right...from cleaning the house, to folding the clothes, to the dishes in the dishwasher waiting to be cleaned. (When the kids help with chores, I literally have to WALK AWAY...) 2. Since I homeschool, I am obsessed with having curriculum. 3. I have to talk to Nat at least twice while he is @ work. (I just like to hear his voice and see how he's doing.) 4. Everything has a place and if it is placed in the wrong place, it must be fixed before I move onto something else or it will bother me all day. (Ashley, are you sure WE'RE NOT RELATED?) 5. My movies HAVE to be ALPHABETICAL order! (I check every few days!) 6. When I make the beds, they have to have hospital corners. I tag: Merrianne, Becca, Tiffiny, & Laurie


*MARY* said...

WOW! I bet you always have a super clean house.

Simply Stamps said...

I wish! Since the kids are old enough to have chores, I have to WALK AWAY literally!! I am trying not to be sooooo ANAL about the house and the kids help.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

You sound like a very organized person to me. My sister in law is sort of like you and she calls it her Apollonian personality. I wish I'm organized and efficient, but i'm more laid back about stuff. Notice I said laid back not messy :-)