October 19, 2008

8 Things About Me...

1) Post rules on your blog 2) Answer the six "8" items 3) Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment 8 Favorite TV Shows 1. CSI (all) 2. Numb3rs 3. NCIS 4. Grey's Anatomy 5. Monk 6. Without A Trace 7. Cold Case 8. The Unit
(huh, can you tell what kind of shows I like... military and forensics... I am so WEIRD!)
8 Things I did yesterday 1. Went to the store (grocery shopping) 2. Put gas in the van 3. Made dinner (spaghetti) 4. Talked with an old friend (whom I haven't talked to in 11 years) 5. Organized my Homeschool shelves 6. Made curriculum books (copied from books... I did not doing it the illegal way, I was within the copyright laws!) 7. Updated my Facebook page (Nat got me hooked) 8. Vegged, (while the kids cleaned their rooms) It was Saturday, I AM aloud to Veg! 8 Things I Look Forward Too 1. Chicks with Sticks (my knitting group/night out) 2. My kids going to bed 3. Nat coming home 4. Being in Nat's arms (yes, I am a mushy, romantic, & sentimental kinda girl) 5. My kids bright & happy faces in the morning 6. Reading (my fav author, Wanda Brunstetter) 7. Having Chocolate 8. Sleep 8 Favorite Restaurants 1. Denny's (kids eat FREE night... Oh Yeah Baby!) 2. Panera Bread 3. Fresh Choice 4. Wong's Gardens 5. Hometown Buffet
6. Nubbins (an old time drive up hamburger place) 7. BJ's Brewery, (oh yes, I DO not , go for the home brewed rootbeer), just the food, I promise 8. Claim Jumpers 8 Things on My Wish List 1. Owning my own home 2. To have healthy & happy kids 3. To have our van paid off 4. World PEACE 5. Having my sister close by 6. No War 7. To become a writer 8. To learn how to play the piano 8 People to Tag 1. Merrianne 2. Mary 3. DeeDee 4. Karen 5. Becca 6. Rachel 7. Julia 8. Diana Get Ready... Get Set... GO!


Anonymous said...

hey! i love your answers to your tag!!!! and NO you are not wierd! ha ha!!!!

i see that you tagged me, too :0
I'll get to work on that!!!!

*MARY* said...

You sure love you some crime dramas.
Fun tag, I'm way behind in my tags though.