October 03, 2008

Take the General Conferece Challenge

Go to Blog Segullah, and take the challlenge. I know that I can't wait for General Conferece. I went to the Relief Society General Conference last Saturday, and I was uplifted. For those who don't know, twice a year, the Presidency of my church get together and talk to the whole world. It is very uplifting and spiritual.


Anonymous said...

i loved General COnference SO MUCH! wasn't it wonderful!?!?!!

Simply Stamps said...

I wish I could say that it was. We went up to my bil's for the weekend. I was expecting,and excited to watch it with them, but they had so many things going on, we only got to watch the first half on Sunday. I was so bumbed! I will just have to wait until they come out next month to read them.