October 08, 2008


I am so sorry for all the BLAH going on around here. There hasn't been much going on around here as of late. We are still alive and kicking. Everyone is healthy as well. I got really excited about getting cool weather, but I am once again disappointed. At least it isn't in the 90's, 80's are getting closer. We did get a 1/2 inch of rain on Friday/Saturday though, but I want more.
We were supposed to go camping on Friday night and Saturday, but I didn't feel like camping in the rain, so we just went up to Reno instead (yes, we do gamble... NOT!); my bil and sil live there. We had a busy weekend. Their girls had a harvest festival at the school, and a soccer game on Saturday. On Sunday, we went to Rucker Lake to get some firewood for them. We only got to really watch Sunday morning conference (I wish we were able to watch more), the men went to the Priesthood session on Sat night.


Steve Ballmer said...

Very nice blog!

*MARY* said...

Sounds better than my weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Fun weekend!!! i would have rather done that than go camping in the RAIN!