March 08, 2009

Car's Finished....

I'm doing the happy dance. I'm thinking, hey, I will have my van back by Monday! Can't wait... Well, Nat was putting the car back together yesterday and needs me to start the car.... all of a sudden... I hear Nat say, "STOP... We're leaking gas!" "What?" I say. So, I stop trying to start the car... He finds what he thinks is causing the fuel to leak, puts it on, tightens the bolt, and we try again... "STOP, we're still loosing gas." AARRRH... please let this be a simple fix. Now, here is where I notice that he has 2 bolts left over... 2 bolts. All the bolts were in when you started taking the car apart, now you have 2 extras, oops, you need to find where they go. Maybe they go where the fuel leak is coming from... Nat says no. Why don't men listen to women when they suggest something? I turn and walk away, and he calls his friend up (the one who has been so wonderful to take two weekends out of his time to help fix the car). He tells Nat to find the problem... to no avail, Nat is having a hard time fixing the leak. SAM, we need you, please come back and help! I just love knowing mechanics who take a payment of homemade banana bread, for their time and energy. I also love that Nat offers MY services as a payment, without even asking me first, Geez Louise. (But I really don't mind, especially since we aren't paying an arm an a leg for someone else to do the dirty work.) Who know when I will have my car again... I did the happy dance tooooooo early I think. I will post an update later. BTW... It has been 2 weeks since I had a set of wheels at my disposal.

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