March 08, 2009


Yay! We got the car running! No leaks, so far so good. We will be taking a test drive to my folks house. To be on the safe side, Nat wants me to take my AAA card with me, just in case. We missed church today, so we could finish up the car (I didn't want to leave Nat home by himself working on a car -- with no one here if there was an accident). While working on the car, we noticed that our sewer was leaking from the driveway. GREAT! Another problem. We called the city, they came, snaked, and removed a couple of BIG root balls. Lucky for us, it was on city property and not ours. Oh, did I mention, the back half of our house has no power? Yep, no power. Nat, his dad, and brother have been up in the attic, at the breaker box, etc. Can't figure out why there is no power to the back of the house. Heck, they can't even figure out the wiring and why it was done the way it was done, go figure. Umm, I think it's time for our landlords to get a hold of an electrician. Talk about a fire hazard waiting to happen (and this time, it won't be from my kids). I go to bed each night praying that our home won't catch fire.... I know that I would love to go back in time and live like they did in the pioneering days, but, and this is a big but, I do like my modern day conveniences. I tell you, we are sooooooo ready for this black cloud to leave us.

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