April 08, 2009

Pinewood Derby

We had a fun time @ our pinewood derby this year. Charlie pick out the design of car that he wanted, Nat copied, cut it out, & glued it to the block of wood. Then, all day 1 Saturday, Charlie & Nat cut, sanded, cut some more & sanded some more. Then, during the week, they painted it, several times, and then we put a nice shinny coat of gloss on it to make is glisten in the sun, I mean the florescent lights. He didn't win many races, but, hey, the are supposed to have fun, and that is exactly what Charlie had that night. He received 2 sliver arrow points, 1 gold arrow point, a Scouting for Food patch, and was supposed to receive his bear badge, but there was a mix up in communication on the ordering... but he will receive it @ the Pack meeting this month... a whole month early. Then, off to Weblos he goes... Here are some pics of his fabulouso car! It was so fun (not) cutting out all the stickers for his car. see, those (the headlights, & tail lights) are some tiny little stickers that were fun to peel off the sticker backing.

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