January 15, 2010


Picture taken from Lancashire Origins
I have gotten the Genealogy bug. It has always been in the back of my mind that I need to do it. So, this last Tuesday while I was at church waiting for Charlie to finish up with Scouts, I went into the Family History Center and started looking up my ancestors. A real big struggle for me is the lack of info on my paternal grandfather's side of the family. Well, just by chance, I typed in his name, and low and behold... someone has done the work of finding some of my ancestors on my Great Grandmother's side of the family! YIIIIPPEEE! Now, the only thing I am stuck on is my Great Grandfathers side (I and the other person have only been able to find back 4 generations). Stories that are going around my family is that my grandfather was a bootlegger, had a run with the mob, yes, I said MOB. Now, the challenge is upon me, time to get down and get dirty. I am up for the challenge. I know I might get frustrated, but I must continue on the quest. I owe it to my family, not only those who are still living, but to those who have passed on as well.
Once I am done (or at a stopping point) on my fathers side of the family, I must get started on my mother's side of the family.
On a good note... because some one has found and did the work on my Great Grandmother's side of the family, I can now add that my ancestors have come from Germany and France. I have known that I am Polish, Scottish, and French. To add German to my heritage is very pleasing to me (as I took German in high school and college). Deutshland has been very close to my heart from early on, now I think I know why.

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