January 27, 2010

Movin on Up

As I went to go get on the computer yesterday morning, all I got was a blank screen on the monitor.  The computer would not turn on, no matter what I tried.  I tried to trouble shoot it and nothing, Nat got home and tried... still nothing. The darned thing finally died on us.  I was a little flusted about it cause I couldn't get some lessons printed out that I had ready for the kids to do, but didn't worry to much about it.  So, last night, we went out and bought a new computer (we had been talking about getting a new one for some time).  We would and could have waited, but I need one for my sanity school and going to the library everyday to use theirs was not an option (especially since I don't have a vehicle during the day).  We are now proud owners of a Gateway computer.  I don't have all the specks on it... more to come on that later.  Out of Nat and I, Nat has more computer knowledge than I.  Now, I have the joy of finding everything once again and saving it to my favorites and figuring out what our new computer has on it that I will love to work with.  Fresh new start is not always the thing to do when you have OCD (just call me Monk Jr -- really, I am not that bad, but could be).  I knew where everything was on the old computer.  I should think of this experience as a clean slate and I get to start all over, but at the same time... I want my old one back (it feels like, well, like when your a child and you have your special blankie).  I am glad for change, but at the same time, I want the old too.

It sure is a lot smaller slimmer than our old one

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KnitNurd said...

Funny how our lives have come to depend on these machines, isn't it? I know what you mean though Nicole...when mine died, I was so lost. I did get in more knitting and crocheting than ever before though! :=)