February 01, 2010

I have had this cookbook on my shelf for the last couple of years, and after growing tired of fighting with a child or two on eating their veggies, I broke down and actually started reading and doing some of the puree's, as well as making some of the foods. My question to myself is... WHY didn't I start doing this when I first got the cookbook? That is the question I am asking as well as kicking myself in the behind for not starting sooner. So far, all the recipes (3 to be exact) came out very good and was pleasantly surprised that all went well and was good. When I first got the cookbook and looked through it, I thought that it was going to be time consuming making all the puree's, but they are easy peasy and hardly take any time at all.

Normally, I would say to keep putting the veggies on the plate and the kids will eventually start liking them, but, after several years with one child not eating their veggies and all the nagging, irritations, crying and whinning, I gave in and tried hiding the veggies.  Let me tell you that our meal times are so much more relaxing and enjoyable now.  Am I decieving my children?  No.  They know I am using this cookbook, and what it entails.  Do I tell them? Yes, but not right away (usually wait till towards the end or after the meal).

Another good cookbook is Pantry Principles from Kate's Kitchen.  I have gleaned a lot from her and I just adore here recipes as well.  A few of the recipes of hers that I have tried can be found here, here, here, and here (this one we had last night and my parents wanted the recipe)  You can either purchase her cookbook, or download it for free.

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