February 22, 2010

What in the World?

Last night, as Nat and I were watching the Olympics in bed, we heard some grunting noises coming from Mari's room.  We called out to see what was going on and she told us that she was 'stuck' falling off of her bed.  Nat went to go see what was going on, and this is what he saw...
We don't know how she got herself into this predicament.  No, she wasn't hurt in any way.  She was able to get out all by herself.

As much as I just loved the baby and toddler years, these middle aged years are far better.  I can hold an actuall conversation with them without having to figure out what they are saying, and, they make me laugh and are picking up on so many of the world things -- in a good way. 

Just the other day...
Charlie was trying to get a plant stand out of his bike spokes and Mari came over to watch (I wish I got it on video or at least a picture). 
Charlie is shaking and shaking his bike to try and get the plant stand loose (I wouldn't do it for him, he needs to learn how to fix problems on his own).  Mari suggests a way to do it, and Charlie said, "I already tried that."  Well, he tried it her way, 'again' and the plant stand came loose. 
Next thing I hear Mari say is, "Well, there ya go."

I got a kick out that and was laughing.  I am gonna have to tell her that she can say "I told you so" to her brothers, but to wait till she's married to try and say that to her future spouse.

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