July 31, 2010

Friday Fun

On Friday morning, we got on the move by starting our day out by heading up to my cousin's house for a visit, picnic and a swim.  We had a fun couple of hours watching the kids swim in the lake and just visiting with each other.  It was a nice to take a break from being stressed and just relax with some good company.  Unfortunately, I never got a picture of our time together.

Then, we finished off the evening by meeting up with a high school friend of Nic's and her husband over at the Fountains in Roseville.  There was supposed to be a live band playing 80's music, but there wasn't, but that didn't bother us.  Needless to say, we had fun just hanging out listening to the music that they had playing, talking, and walking around (thank you Mark for willing to stay up a little late to spend time with us).  The kids were able to paint their faces and had some balloon artists make them swords and aliens.
I think by far, the best thing about the Fountains, IS the Fountain in the center of the courtyard.  It is a big hit with everyone, young and old.  I love the fact that they have something for everyone (shopping, eating, a playground and a water area for kids, live music (most Fridays)).  We loved just being able to enjoy the wonderfulness of the community.  We are always on the look-out for things that we can do for free around town. 


KnitNurd said...

The Fountains is a wonderful place to even just relax, isn't it? I love that the 'center' has that piazza kind of feel. I can hardly wait for the cooler weather so we can just bundle up with a hot drink and sit in front of the fire pit!
Glad you had a nice time and that is a great pic of the kids sitting at the fountain!

The Stamps Family said...

Thank you Deedee. I wish I was able to get one when there was a lot of mist engulfing them. Hot cocoa by the fire pit does sound nice