October 23, 2010

Saturday Simmerings

Horrible... Kidney Stones

Lovely...  Homemade Apple Cider

What a lovely overcast day with rain in the forcast.  We are sooo much in need of rain.  The air smells so fresh and clean and the air is brisk and tickles your skin so you get goosebumps.  It has turned cool enough to start up the oven and crockpot, and bringing in all the smells of fall and holidays are approaching.

We went and bought the kids Halloween costumes last night.  I was going to make them, the kids had their costumes all picked out and everything... but, do to money issues and time, I opted to just let the kids buy their costumes this year (it would be a time crunch for me to get all 3 costumes made in just a week).  I just don't need that kind of stress on me right now. 

So, M is going to be Cleopatra, C is Harry Potter, J is a Ninja, I am going to be Raggedy Ann, Nat, well, he really hasnt decided yet.  He has to work the night of our Trunk-or-Treat with our church.

I am just loving the fact that the house is starting to smell really good... especially since I am making Potato Soup for dinner tonight.  I also, mabye, will be making some Apple Cider with all the extra apples I bought this morning.  But the Potato Soup smells so good, I don't want to cover that smell up, mabye I will make the cider tomorrow after church so we can have some to go with Family Night.

Now, I just need to finish sewing up the kids trick-or-treat pillow cases, go to the Pumpkin Patch on Monday, and get in some last minute Halloween decorations/crafts made and all will be good.  I especially want to make this advent calendar for next Halloween.  A BIG thank you to Bees Knees for finding and making one herself... that I too must get into the spirit of what is upcoming

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