October 22, 2010

Taking it Easy

Here it is, Friday morning and I am not really motivated to do anything today.  I did go on my walk this morning w/my walking partner, and took a good friend to the airport, but not much has happened since.

On Wed. morning, I woke up feeling fine.  Went on my walk as usual, came home and got the day started and the kids working on school.  Then, around 8 or so, my lower back began to bother me.  Walking, sitting, laying down, nothing helped (imagine you are in labor and the contractions don't go away), I couldn't get comfortable.  I was getting a little nauseous, so, I cleaned the toilets (who really wants to get sick in a smelly toilet?)  After wards (round 9:30 or so), the pain was getting worse.  I laid down in bed praying the pain would go away, or hold off until the kids and I could go on our planned field-trip that afternoon.  By 10, the pain was unbearable, so I called Nat (who was working in Stockton at the time) that I was needing to go to the hospital.  Once off the phone with him, I texted a dear friend (the same one I walk with) if she could watch my kiddos, so I could go to the ER.  No sweat, I had then in the car in less than 5 min, dropped them off and was all checked in @ the ER by 10:30.

I had figured that I had a kidney stone (I've had one in the past, the pain is unmistakable).  The Dr's did all the tests, and I had a Cat Scan done.  Viola, it of course was a kidney stone (they estimated it about 15 mm), but along with that, my pancreas was also inflamed (as they see in drinkers... which I am not) and that baffled the Dr's even more.  So, they said that I would be admitted to the hospital for a day or two, until my tests came back 'normal'.

By the time that I was taken to my room, it was 6:30 pm.  I passed the stone around 10 pm Wed night.  And was pain labor free.  YAY!  To help get my pancreas back to normal, I was given lots of potassium and some magnesium.  By Thur morning, I was ready to go home and EAT (I was on a no eat diet, no water, no ice, nothing, until everything looked good)  I was on a liquid diet for breakfast and lunch.

While waiting for the test results to come back from the morning blood drawing (those DR's and nurses sure are vampires!)  On the news, I go to watch and listen and watch some more about our mall (the largest one in our region) go up in flames.  Click here to read the story.  You can google Roseville Gallaria Fire and get a lot more info.  What a major blow to our city, to all those that worked there.  I don't like shopping at the mall, but it is sad that our city will be losing a lot of revenue, many jobs were lost, and with the holidays fast approaching...

Anyway, as I was just watching in aww, the Dr came in and told me that I was good to go and she was discharging me.  YAY!  I called Nat, and told him not to bother stopping bu home to pick up my knitting and reading materials, and to just come get me.  I was home by 12:45 pm at the very latest.

So, today, I am taking it easy.  Not going to to muchm except for knit and read, enjoy the rainy weather, and let the kids play.  We can make up this school day another day.


KnitNurd said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Nicole!

The Stamps Family said...

I am feeling a lot better now. Thank you Deedee