January 16, 2009

I'm on a Roll

Since I am in the mood to be cleaning. Spring Cleaning to be exact! After going through and doing a major cleaning job on my living room (dusted baseboards even) and washing all the windows (outside only, so far), NOW, onto a real job... THE PANTRY. I try to keep it swept and organized (some-what), but, I think I will be doing a lot of dusting, washing, throwing away, and RE-organizing.
Here are the Pantry BEFORE pictures
Don't worry, we are BIG on recycling. All the cardboard on top of the cabinets & next to it will be taken to the recycle center. I am also lucky to have an entire room dedicated to the pantry (for now anyway). Now, I just need to restock my food storage.
Here are the AFTER pictures
Imagine that, I clean and straighten, and I GAIN 2 full shelves! Whooooo Whoo!! I even moved our aprons so they aren't always falling on the ground by constantly bumping them while walking in and out of the kitchen/pantry.

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