January 17, 2009

Major TYPO

picture from www.illustrationsof.com

I love online banking. I don't write checks as much. I love the fact that I can just punch in the amount due, and not even worry about it. Until, you check you email account and there is a message from your bank, saying that you are overdrawn. Yep, this happened to me yesterday. (I hear all of your gasps!) Now, mind you, I am very, let me repeat that, VERY, carefull with our money. I was shocked to get that message, so naturally, I log into my bank account to actually see if the email was right (you never know now days). Sure enough, my account was in the RED. and I don't mean, just a little in the red, -HUNDRED's, to be exact! What! I scream, the kids and Nat come in to see what happened to me! Can we say heart attack time! I do some investigating and find the problem... I am SOOO STUPID! (not to mention in the DOG HOUSE for the rest of my life) Instead of paying a measly, $90 bill, I paid... hang on, I have to get up the nerve to tell you... $890 to that certain bill. Nat went into the bank (thankfully they weren't closed), and told them about my major OOOPS. They said that they would credit all (except 1) the Overdraft charges, and that we had to call that company up and tell them that they needed to put the $800 back into our bank account. We called & they said they did (we playing the waiting game now). Dontcha just love 3 day weekends? I sure hope that it posts quickly, we need to go and buy food... I keep saying that it wasn't me, it was the computer's fault, but Nat just pats me on the back and says, "No, it was all you." I have to say, I just love this man I asked Nat if he wanted to do the books, but he said, "No, I will mess them up even more than that!" I hope that I am not the only one who is really good at typo's.

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Nick and Ashley said...

I love online banking too and I have been waiting for the day that I mess up like that...so far, cross my fingers, it has yet to happen!