February 23, 2009

Cabin Fever, Bored, Restless, Spunky

We (kids and I) have cabin fever. It's raining, it's raining, it's pouring, it's not stopping. But, we are not complaining, we need this rain. Our little city has been put on restricted water usage, everyone has to cut their water usage by 20%. 20%! Please tell me how I am supposed to do that, when I have small children? If we don't, we will get a fine. So, we have implemented a new rule... Yellow, let it mellow, Brown, flush it down (gross I know). The kids aren't used to the new rule. They say, but you always tell us to flush! What's more important here, good, clean, bacteria free toilet, or a fine? I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder... me, I will forgo the clean, bacteria free toilet to avoid a fine. Hey, I am the odd ball in my husbands family--they don't always 'get' me... in my family, I just follow suite in the flower child & hippie mantra.
Now, you may ask, why cabin fever? Well, it's not that we don't get out, we DO... Mud puddles are the bestest thing ever invented. Yes, I DO let my kids go play in the rain, get soaked and muddy, jump in puddles... that's what the puddles are for, right? I mean, they are kids (heck I'm a kid!) and we will go out without umbrellas and just get good and soaked to the bone...
Nat's car engine is all torn apart right now, and is having to use the van to go to and fro work, so we can't go and "do" our little errands during the day. Oh, how I am already missing my van, (my FREEDOM away from the house, the chores, the ever ongoing 'honey-do' list that a mom of 3, who just happens to be the best mom ever to homeschool's her kids so they don't end up corrupted by the public school system {imho--no one else better judge me}), and it has only been a measly 9 hours without a set of wheels. And today is only the 1st day without my wheels, with many more to come.
I guess, it is now time to take a nice long walk in the rain, get all muddy and have fun jumping in puddles... who cares about having dinner on the table in an hour... life is tooo short.
forgive me, I am in a spunky, bored, and restless mood... hence the sarcasm in this post

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Knitting Nurd said...

When my youngest was in elementary school, she used to stand under the water spouts from the roof at school and get drenched! The administration didn't like it much, but we thought it was pretty funny! lol You're only a kid once and life ain't no dress rehearsal!