February 24, 2009

Day 2

It's amazing, when I do have wheels, I don't 'have' to be anywhere, but as soon as you take them away from me, I have a million and one errands that I 'have' to get done, not to mention all the places (field trips) that the kids and I could be going on (like over to the Planetarium @ Sierra College -- we're studying astronomy, or even a blacksmith shop). We have talked about going down to one car, but that was a while ago... now, I'm not so sure. Granted, it would be cheaper car insurance, cheaper for upkeep on one car vs. two, cheaper gas, etc.
Am I being selfish, no. The kids and I don't have any 'real' commitments anymore since we aren't doing gymnastics or going up to Meadow Vista anymore, so it was good that Nat's car decided to get sick (sick enough that he made it two miles from work, called AAA and had me come get him). I am just getting used to not having the freedom of a car at my disposal. If I do need to go somewhere, Nat will take his furlough day that day or we will work something out if I can't get out of an obligation. Besides, the kids love to go on nature walks (our nature walk yesterday ended up being over an hour - Nat beat us home), and we can walk to the several parks that are close by and the library.


Nutty Brunette said...

One car is cheaper, but I like the in case of emergency aspect such as a kid needs to go to the ER but it is not bad enough to call and Ambulance. Of course my situation is a bit different. Could Nat come home quickly if need be?

Stamps Family said...

No, he works in Rancho. An ambulance ride is always fun... (speaking from experience). But we do have friends and family close by just in case. You never know with my gang