April 18, 2009

Fort Ross Pics Jan. 26-27, 2009

Finally, here are some of the pics from Fort Ross. Sorry they are so small. This took me a couple of hours to do (there were over 2500 pictures to go through)
Arrival @ Fort Ross
Kids trekking to the fort
My boys, the hunters
Mareal in the Artisan's group
The cooks & I
Hunting for seals and fish
Seals basking in the sun
I'm actually stepping into the fire pit, stirring the Russian Borsch
The Artisans are making lanterns
What a beautiful sunset
Walking to the chapel for skit & story time
Making breakfast & trying to get warn by fire
Preparing for cannon fire
Just after cannon fire
Group photo
Family photo (@ the end of our 24 hours)
If you ever have a chance to do an Enviroment Living (history)Program, DO IT! It is sooo worth EVERY penny. Some balk @ us for spending the $$ to do them, but, you know what? A trip to Disneyland or anywhere else would cost a lot more than this does. The kids will remember this better and have the memories to go with them. What a better way to learn history?

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