May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mothers in my life.


I had a nice Mother's Day, which was spent with Nat's brother and his family.  Nat and the kids got me tickets to go and see Celtic Women, which performed Sunday afternoon @ the Memorial Auditorium in Sac.  I had a blast and was in tears at some point during their performance.  Oh, how I love their music.  They have brought on a new addition to their wonderful little family, a gentleman who plays the Bagpipes (an instrument that I love to hear playing).  The day couldn't have gotten any better!  Jon and his family where nice enough to stay a little while longer and watch the kids for us, so Nat and I could go on a 'date' to go and watch them.  As I was sitting in the audience, mesmerized at their talent, I was thinking that next time they come to Sacramento, I need to take Mari, I think that she would love to see and hear them.  Nat enjoyed himself as well.

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