July 10, 2010


I am making some changes to our family blog...

I am now combining our family and homeschooling blogs.  For a couple of reasons, 1- so everyone can see everything that we are doing, including school, and 2- I am tired of trying to keep up two blogs.  I think that the latter is the one that finally made me do it.  As you can tell, up in the pages, I have included some of our homeschooling faves, curriculum for this school year (2010-2011), and others as well.

Our homeschooling school is called Adventurous Instruction.  So, be on the lookout for many new updates, schooling activities as well as the normal every day postings for the family.

I have been absent for awhile since I got back from VA and NH, and that is because I have been prepping, planning lessons, and organizing for our new school year which starts on Monday (yes, this Monday as in July 12th).

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